So here’s what we need to do in the crunch of the few weeks left before the campaign. Get out the vote. If you’ve turned in your mail in ballot and voted for me, thank you. Now turn around and get your friends and family on board. Want to know what to tell them? Tell them this.

I’ve met with students, faculty, staff, and community members this fall and all are telling me the same thing I was thinking when I got into this—we have a runaway board with no strategic plan, no vision, and no accountability.

We need all three of these things.

So who do you want on your board? Do you want someone with vision, planning, and experience in being accountable? Someone who knows when to hold steady and when to take a risk?

Or do you want one of the people responsible for closing a hospital and a school who works his hardest at keeping the status quo so static that communities –our communities lose out?

If you want more of the community to be able to use the college and stick by the actual mission statement of the college–if you want an educator–if you want higher standards–if you want a woman who is not afraid of the president and doesn’t care whether or not the president likes her–then please let me have your vote.

If you want to vote for the befuddled guy who is your friend and sits in the football stands at every game but who has no clue what he’s doing and just wants to be loved by the president, then vote for him.

It comes down to that.

Put the community back in the community college. Vote Garcia 4 FRC Board Trustee.


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