April 4 & 5

April 4 An Evening in North Beach

You stopped by the Italian restaurant

said hello, sat at our table on

your way to work, eating nothing before

the 6 hour shift but the dinner red and then

a second full glass. I didn’t know to think

anything of it. When you left into the night

air, my companion motioned to the door

and you down the street. She already has

a problem, she told me. I’ve seen it many times

in the city she said. It drinks its young.

April 5

I want to go back

I want to go back to that moment

that must exist in your memory or perhaps

mine. That moment in time where you were

still you. And I wonder if you’d known that particular day

would be the day that divided your life, our lives

into the who she was and who she became. You were

so light—light itself. And a decade plus descent

into darkness into a you even you didn’t recognize.

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