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I have been having a MOMENT this week. Never in my capitalist/consumer life have I felt more specifically marketed to then this week when I discovered that my favorite clothing company PinUp Girl Clothing and my long time favorite comic Love and Rockets. Combined forces of goodness to come up with a clothing line. OMG. Does anyone have a spare $500 bucks so I can buy all of it?! This just speaks to me so much.

If you aren’t in the know– is the much beloved southern Californian based comic based in the fictional town of Hoppers with pretty much an all Latino cast of characters. It’s really the first literature in America to portray Latinos as …..complex and varied characters (imagine that–USA , literary establishment, why is that so hard for you?). Los Hernandez brothers are some of my literary punk heroes.

And I can never get enough PinUp Girl Clothing. EVER. When I went to the shop in Burbank I wanted to move in.

Love and Rockets Jenny Skirt –feast your eyes on this one. My birthday is coming up shortly. I’m hoping one of these becomes mine.






It might seem a little out of season to be thinking of swimwear or yoga wear but I find that the fall season is probably when I tend to pretend to or intend to exercise the most (otherwise I’m sitting at my desk getting through kids’ Halloween candy).

The marketing of UCFIT Under Cover Waterwear is pretty simple really: workout clothes that can be fashionable when you haven’t quite made it out to exercise. So you can look like you are about to do it–even when you haven’t. Maybe it’s part of that notion that if you look the part you can be the part. I love the concept behind the line. Moms do often put themselves last–especially for exercise. Why not be ready for it any moment you can squeeze it in?

UCFit Under Cover WaterWear is also a new (ish) concept in swimwear–modest–swimwear. Showing less on the beach instead of more. When I was asked to check them out I was totally intrigued. Clearly not every woman (self included) wants to head out to the beach in a bikini. Half the time I head to the beach I wear old leggings, which make me feel more comfortable while I’m out there–and more protected from the sun. UCFits clothing are UPF 50+–meaning 98% of UV rays aren’t hitting my skin when I’m out. And that doesn’t matter if it’s at the beach or on the sidewalk.

I tried the black leggings with swim skirt in the photo. So far I’ve worn it three times this week. From far away you wouldn’t even know it was swimwear or active wear. It was super comfortable and paired nicely with a shirt and later with a sweater when I was too lazy to change to a whole new outfit when going out for dinner. I could have—since all of their line is meant to get wet as well—worn this to the beach as well and gone in the water. I’ll have to try out one of the tops to see how that works for me but the bottoms were quite nice. Fit without feeling like everything was sucked in without the ability to breathe. It’s probably one time that something designed for moms doesn’t feel like you’re wearing ‘mom’ clothes.

The thing is the psych out totally worked on me. While I was in my office typing away and usually feeling like my tush is spreading in the chair, I got up and got down and did my stretches. I did a few minutes on my stair stepper in the corner. Usually I am dependent on an exercise buddy to drag me out into the daylight. But there I was doing my own thing and feeling healthier. Also with the psych out? I couldn’t eat bad things for me in it. Okay, so I might just be super impressionable.

Added bonus is my tween daughter didn’t roll her eyes when I picked her up from school. Instead she said, “You know? You’re outfit is actually not bad.” Highest tween praise I’ve heard in awhile.



lipstick_NoirRed_NB_grandeI am completely in love with Besame Cosmetics. They probably don’t know this yet but I’ve become their number one fan. Note the angle on this lipstick. And the color? They do noir right.  I think I’m also impressed that they actually have a brick and mortar storefront in uptown Whittier (my hometown). It’s a completely appropriate place to have a shop. Whittier IS a throwback to another time and space. Next up I want to try

violet_powder_0aeb161d-7ff2-401b-a3c3-3d4a004e300c_grande Because who else makes these amazing things? And I’m of course a sucker for their packaging.  If anyone is at a loss of what to get me for Christmas this year? Thank you. That is all. And if you find this post, Besame–when will Victory red be back in stock?


Paloma’s Hair Clip Designs are absolutely adorable. And okay. Fine. She’s my daughter and she’s selling them on etsy from $4-6 + shipping. I am also a collector of them. Here’s some of them:IMG_6232 IMG_6235 IMG_6228IMG_6227



Enjoying the swag from my trip to Carmel. Yes. I’m not anywhere near baby having but I get both heartburn and can appreciate a good lotion.


I was raised by plain clothes, no make up, Land’s End/L.L.Bean loving lesbians–one of whom used to be a nun. My stepfather was in the military and I later attended Catholic school and wore the same thing every day. Plus I was cursed/blessed with an hourglass figure. Normal clothes just never looked good on me. I don’t even own pants.


So, I think I’ve always approached fashion as rebellion and a yearning for a moment in American culture where we cared just a little more about our appearance. And I know, I know. I can’t explain how I can be an ultra feminist environmentalist and love lipstick and heels either. Just go with it, I’d say. I don’t step out the door unless I feel comfortable in my skin. And often that skin has a vintage inspired dress on. And lipstick.

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