Dear Sunshine

I”m reserving this part of my blog to leave letters of support for a girl –a wonderfully kind and sweet  high school freshmen living near Indian Valley whose guardian is hell bent on isolating her and keeping her from the world. Why? Because she has the audacity to grow into her own person.  I’m not going into the details of her situation but suffice to say anyone who ever had to live in the household of an abusive person would have sympathy for her. She’s almost 15. Has a girlfriend and a redneck guardian whom the county social services are protecting. Yeah. Welcome to red state California.

But this is not about that. He’s pulled her out of school. Taken her away from friends. Threatened her girlfriend. She was a great student poised for college. He’s a high school dropout. He’s isolated her in the most remote part of our valley miles from where anyone can hear her. She doesn’t have a phone or a way to access the Internet anymore. Three years is a long time to live to 18 when someone is trying to kill your spirit and sexuality.

This morning I yelled at the social services head of our county whose office provided false information to court regarding the guardian and the circumstances. I told her this. If anything happens to this child the blood will be on her hands and on her guardians.

Why do people find it necessary to bully LGBTQ youth?

I don’t know if Sunshine will ever see this blog. But I invite her friends to leave her messages here and somehow we will get word to her that this exists and that she should check it whenever she gets to town and away from his evil clutches for a minute or two.

Hang in there, Sunshine. We love you. We are pulling for you. And you are a great young woman. Don’t die. Stay strong.