Greta Garcia

Wretched Production’s director lady Heidi Moore took some photos of me as my upcoming character in her movie Dolly Deadly 2 RIGOMORTA. We had a good deal of fun playing around for an afternoon in my office. Here are my favorites:


Currently working on a non-fiction book called Throwing the Curve about the rise of plus size modeling.

IMG_2152IMG_2170Greta Garcia is the more fashion and lifestyle conscious alias of the writer Margaret Elysia Garcia.

Greta Garcia is an aspiring model of sorts.

Margaret Elysia Garcia lives in exile from her southeastern Los Angeles roots in the far northeastern corner of California where she’s learning to live a survivalist existence without high speed Internet.

She’s the author of two short story collections, Mary of the Chance Encounters—out this June on Nocturnicorn Press—and Sad Girls & Other Stories on Solstice Literary Press. Her play The Adventures of SadGirl: Superheroine premiered at the West End Theatre in Quincy, CA, last September and will have a run in Reno, NV this Septermber.

She’s a contributing editor for Hip Mama Magazine and for the blog Girl Body Pride. She also a reporter for Feather River Publishing and Parenting Squad blog.

She hosts the radio show Milkshake & Honey a DJ at Plumas Community Radio.

She’s a three-time local director for the national spoken word Listen to Your Mother (2013-2015).  Her 2012 essay for the San Francisco Listen to Your Mother Show, “Questions & Answers” –about her children’s lesbian grandmothers– was featured on Upworthy in 2014.

She blogs at  Tales of a Sierra Madre: