Milkshake & Honey

Happy Anniversary to ME! FIVE YEARS of  DJing.

Three times in my life I tried to be a DJ–there’s always a ton of competition for shows. This time around I got in on the ground up with a good theme –bringing original and indie women’s voices and musicianship to the local airwaves. It’s a good thing. Our part of the northern California’s airwaves  is essentially bad country, religious, and conspiracy theories. I’m happy to provide a little alternative.

Among the many things I do every week that I enjoy is being a DJ on KQNY Plumas Community Radio.  I have a show called Milkshake & Honey and on Wednesdays, I head to Quincy and Main Street and spend 2 hours listening to music made primarily by women.

I’ve always loved music, and my show is now 5 YEARS OLD. It can often be the highlight of my week and I like to think that I’m getting better at it too (wasn’t always easy to be your own engineer and DJ at the same time but that is what happens at a small town station.

Here’s my FB page for Milkshake & Honey.

Check out our station!

Also the photo above is from our fundraising calendar –I’m the month of August! The last remaining calendar can be found here at Calendar.


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