The End of the Cock

The Year of the Rooster has come to an end---it was exhausting to keep up with my superstitious fears. For the first few months I wore a jade bracelet and ring and lots of red hoping to combat any and all bad luck coming my way. But the year was less about bad luck and …


Little Women Tonight through Saturday

Tonight through Saturday at the Taylorsville Historic Hall, Greenville Drama Class presents Little Women...this cast has been so great --their director Dawnette Dryer has been amazing with what she can get out of them. 7 pm.  Come support Indian Valley Academy's drama program.

All Our Fears

I was headed to Los Angeles with a friend (and business partner) from Quincy). She was driving. As I was waiting for pick up my editor said if I could, to take a photo. There was an accident on the way down the canyon. I said yes, though I'm squeamish. We were talking in the …