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Tales of a Sierra Madre


I was driving down Whittier Blvd last month in Whittier and passed the Vagabond Inn. It’s nothing to write home about. Just a motel on a Blvd that used to be more important than it is. A street that was once a destination for cruising that’s now just any other street anywhere.

But I shudder when I pass the Vagabond these days.

It was the site of an ill-fated decision. One that I have come to regret even though I know that given the chance to do things differently I’d have to make the same choice twice.

That’s how choices are sometimes.

VAGABOND, part 1:

Vagabond, my sister.

She was in a second floor non smoking room smoking non stop.

There was a cloud of it when I opened the door.

Like stop drop and roll here comes fire thick.

She lunged forward to hug me and I felt myself…

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Just. One. Book. Live with Students!

So SCHOOL STARTED. And of course we aren't quite done with what we set out to do--bureaucracy and the craziness of school starting impeded some progress. Not to mention having to butt heads with less than enthusiastic maintenance dudes and non-visionaries. BUT THIS IS NOT A GRIPE! This is a celebration. I quietly shelve and …

Mary of the Chance Encounters out now on Audio CD

It’s out now! Download it or get an old fashioned hard copy!

Tales of a Sierra Madre

I’m happy to announce my CD release of Mary of the Chance Encounters which features me reading eight short stories on an hour length CD. The CD was produced by Wretched Productions and written by me.

Here’s the synopsis:

Mary of the Chance Encounters is a collection of stories set in southeastern Los Angeles, chronicling the Mexican-American and Anglo population stucco’d there between family, ghosts, strip malls and too wide boulevards. But their hopes and desires run magical, and sometimes weirdly perverse and erotic. The encounters break open the flat-lining air of consumer life.

You could classify this as paranormal literary. Someone called it dark fiction. It has ghosts. Aztec goddesses. People behaving badly. A talking praying mantis. 

It’s available through audiobooks here: Or in hard copy through my etsy site: Mary of the Chance Encounters on CD. Thanks for listening!

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