Just. One. Book.

 Many of you have written in the dog days of summer to ask me if I’ve received your book yet. I can’t believe my mind works this way, but some I know off the bat and others I have to look up. Still others have not been processed. This is an unprocessed table’s worth (and […]


Poetry Saves Us

I am a romantic at heart. In that twisted way where you read a great book and you enjoy crying at the end because everything went to hell and the lovers don’t wind up together because one of them is dead, or married to someone else, or a war has broken out. My students used […]


Just. One. Nation.

Have you read this yet? Teachers in North Carolina arrested for protesting. What were they protesting? The lack of books. The lack of a school nurse. The lack of basics. I’ve been telling you the story of Greenville, CA but it’s also the story of North Carolina. It’s the story everywhere in the United States where we […]