Just. One. Friday with the Family

On Fridays in summer, my husband has a day off after working four 10 hour days. He works for the school district but hadn’t had the chance to spend some concentrated time in the library. After I’d fed the family +two friends of my daughter’s a German Apple Kuchen I made for breakfast,  We made a clown car out of the Toyota and headed into town toward the library.

Summer really is a peculiar time.  I feel like I’m always feeding people. And as a Latina mom I cannot NOT feed people. It goes against my very DNA. So in the last few days my kids have had sleep overs and I’ve fed well, everyone.

We had the most volunteers ever this morning and we worked a solid four hours before the heat got the better of us. The co-director of IVA and his family came down to help out.  HIs preschool and elementary school kids were adorable. I have surly tween and teen. I MISS THE SWEET SOUND OF NON SARCASTIC BEINGS. We had four people doing data entry. A bunch of kids breaking down boxes and hauling them to recycling. Some wee ones gathered together trash. For a room with lots of books and boxes it was surprisingly orderly.


My aunt came along with my youngest cousin—I’m the oldest cousin and there’s 30 years between us so he’s pretty much a nephew. She’s the librarian assistant at both Loyalton Elementary School Library AND their high school library.  I encouraged her to take duplicates to share with the students in Loyalton–about an hour away from us in Sierra County.

IMG_7971IMG_7973 There’s aunt Dorothy picking out some titles.  And then one of the elementary school teachers from next door showed up. We got a cart and gave her a bunch of elementary school titles that you all gave us. She was so excited she came back for more. We were happy to share the gifts—especially given that she’s right next door with the 4th and 5th graders.  Thank you , Karen for giving your students the opportunity to read more books!


So we aren’t total book nerds. It got super hot by about 2 pm so we headed to the watering hole with our kids and their friends –all of whom helped out in the library this morning.

IMG_7974 IMG_7981

As I’m planning and sorting I realize we DO need bookcases and there are a few books I’m hearing about that I would like to see in the library. So I updated the Amazon Wish List  . I also inquired as to a local source for bookshelves. Not surprisingly I couldn’t find one. I’m leaning towards some low IKEA ones–three shelves high so we can see over them easily (I want to avoid a love in the stacks situation). We have one other that might come in for donation.

That’s about all I have to report. Happy 4th weekend. I’m going to try to get some non library writing done and maybe take another dip in the creek.


  1. Sue Ranscht

    Just. Won. Dering. Would you consider leaving the Amazon wish list link in each post? I realize it might seem lazy for readers not to go hunting for it among previous posts, but there it is.

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