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The Second @ the Hotel Mission de Oro

On New Year’s Day I got an email saying a poem I’d recently written would be up on HipMama Zine. Yay! I’ve been working on longer term projects all year so I’ve published a good deal less and nearly neglected my blog altogether. But The Husband follows my blog (has been since before he became The Husband) and suggested that I might consider going back to it more often and work on blog posts or poems I wasn’t going to put other places. Like a zine without the folding and the papercuts. So in that spirit, I give you my second day of 2020.

After a long day of driving I ended up here:

Often when I drive from LA back to Plumas County I can’t make it in one go anymore. So I wind up stopping in Santa Nella. I never thought to even look at Hotel Mission de Oro as I assumed I was priced out, but hello Expedia and the fact that motels around there have uncomfortable beds and a price range that’s really only a $25 difference, I gave it a try.


It’s like hotels are supposed to be run. Also I have a thing for lamps.

I am a complete sucker for the whole tile thing. What’s more with the new house which hasn’t had an upgrade ever I am checking out everyone’s bathrooms all the time. #middleagednewlywed

So yeah, I liked the room.

I traveled with teenagers. I repeat TEENAGERS and as the mother of them –I knew immediately I needed to do two things this morning before heading back on the road for 5 hours.

  1. Get myself ready for the day and
  2. Get them awake. Tell them to be ready to leave by 9 am and threaten to leave them there if they didn’t.
  3. 3. Take myself to breakfast ALONE.

That’s the brioche French toast & coffee at The Kitchen. Unlike the free breakfasts at nearby motels. This set me back a few dollars but it was quiet and peaceful and I could wait for food without listening to Fox News (no TV in this dining room).

I even got the chance to write:

It started my year off right , I think.

I will definitely be back. Because all of us agreed they were the best beds on the road.

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Blue Sky Freedom–Rabble Lit

Blue Sky Freedom/ Margaret Elysia Garcia

is my newest personal essay up on Rabble Lit. I love this journal and the work they publish. It continually makes me feel like my perspective–my own working class background now has a voice and I appreciate that. I’m glad they wanted a piece on teaching in prison.

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Our Lady of the Robots…

Behold. The boy child has done it. He some how managed to combine his love of robots and a Mexican-American family (us) ‘s obsession with Our Lady of Guadalupe. May I present to you Our Lady of the Robot by Diego Garcia-Couoh.

He made six of these and he’s selling them to raise money for his summer trips. He’s going to Austin for the first time with his girlfriend and her family and then to Vegas to visit his best friend who just moved away.

If you want one of these there’s 3 of them left I think? Let me know.

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Diego Robot Designs

I am a big fan of kid art. I wish often that we adults were free enough to produce that non self conscious art that kids do.

My 14 year old son has been into robots and trains since he was about 2 years old (Thank you, Thomas the Tank Engine). He also likes to draw. He is a fan of a great many things. I can almost chronicle his interests by his art designs.

My personal favorite is probably Bowie Bot. He has it up on tee public:


For Christmas he did these on t-shirts and bags and as xmas cards for me to send (silkscreen)

avatar12375325_10153776989169407_8936595410654592759_o15491820_1473380686136309_1874983198_oOMG! SANTA!

Of course there’s batman robot in pink and yellow. I like the pink. He made tote bags out of it.


He’s done many. Andy Warhol Robot (with repeated multicolored silkscreening and monochromatic. Most people think it’s Where’s Waldo.).


Three different Doctor Whos.

10646907_10153090412044407_498094604043892943_n who

Some of my other favorites of his fan art roboting haven’t been made into t-shirts or tote bags yet. ANd I keep hinting: DUDE GREAT PRESENT FOR YOUR MOM. I give you TOTORO ROBOT:


And for awhile there. Diego and I were hitting the silent film thing pretty hard and then into Weimar (because I’m THAT kind of mom).

Which is how we got to Peter Lorre Robot (in M):


My absolute favorite though? Buster Keaton. SOmething in his rendition looks like Keaton walking down the street about to slip on a banana peel.


He’s always looking for suggestions. Is looking forward into what to do next and how to do it. So proud of the lad. This has become his part time job. There are no lawns in the mountains to cut. Instead he sells totebags (now that California has banned plastic bags) and tee shirts and sometimes makes signs for local businesses.I admire his ingenuity. He bought an iPad a year  ago through saving his cash. He’s made four short films since then (working on a fifth over the break). He’s hoping to next get a go pro (of course) and various accoutrements.  Sometimes I feel like a bad mom for not being able to contribute more to him (I do buy his paints and bags for him). But I really do think as much as kids can buy their own stuff the better.

So …any suggestions for subjects that need to be robotified? There’s a few items left pre-xmas. A couple of Santa shirts and a batman bag. He’s working on a duo-colored reprint of Keaton (yay!).

He even did me…

12809725_10154037467474407_7689070177606356771_n 13151538_10154177921509407_3864066018959310756_n….and Bernie Sanders.