Just. One. Book. Part 2

Thank you all for your responses. Because of you we are putting together an Amazon book list. But I do want to also say I think it’s perfectly wonderful to send Just. One. Book. That’s your favorite from your teen years. Im sure one might duplicate now and then but we can always share with other nearby schools in the same predicament. THANK YOU! I love to stories people have been sending behind their favorite books.

So I’ll share a few of my favorites that sustained me over time.

A Child’s Illustrated Book of Poems–came out in the 1970s and everything I knew about poetry as a kid came from that book. I was an army brat however so I have no idea where that book is now.


When I was in sixth grade we moved to West Germany and I’d just read a Wrinkle in Time –which is still one of my favorites and needs to be in the library along with all Madeleine L’Engle books.

Over one summer I read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, all the Oz books, all the Louisa May Alcott, and all the Narnia books.  I hope to get a set of Narnias.

Then in 7-9th grade I discovered Alice Walker, Ana Castillos, Flannery O’Connor, George Orwell, Paul Zindel, and of course J.D. Salinger.

This project is getting nicely nostalgic.

Monday we’ll have a booklist. THANK YOU!


    1. Kathy Lewis

      I would love to help. Please update your Amazon wish list. All that I found was a CD player which is not available for purchase! Thanks

  1. Audry T.

    I have three boxes of books that I just culled from my personal library. Fiction, non-fiction, manga/comics, and so on. My books tend to be in new condition; I’m obsessive about their care. Would you want them even though they are not technically new? I’m guessing yes, but I thought I should ask before I send them.

  2. daveallen

    I didn’t read much beyond assigned books in school, but I thoroughly enjoyed some of the classics – Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ and ‘Death of a Salesman’ were my favorites, along with ‘Brave New World,’ Animal Farm’ and ‘1984.’

    I’ve got an eclectic collection at home – my wife’s been on my to cull some of the excess. Is there anything the local powers-that-be would find unacceptable?

      1. daveallen

        That’s good to know, because I wasn’t sure what to do with my second copy of Gone Girl. I’m also putting a dog-ear’d copy of ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’ into the box, along with a few ‘safe for work’ readings. My 17-year-old daughter is also cleaning out her bookshelf.

        Not sure if I can tear myself away from my Hunter Thompson books, although I like the thought of encouraging a new generation of rebels and free-thinkers.

        Whenever you get that wish list together, I’d like to see it (please feel free to email it: dallen80@yahoo.com).

  3. Cozette

    I hope you keep us informed of your success in this project.
    I mailed a 24 pound box of books to you last week.
    Let me know whe. You get them please

  4. Shannon akaMonty

    I’m very, very excited to learn of this – books are and have always been my lifeline. I hate parting with any books (hence 9 crammed bookshelves taking up most of the room in our little house) but my daughter is much less of a hoarder so we have some young adult books/series that we can part with. Sorry, she won’t give up the Chronicles of Narnia (not that I blame her -it’s still a favorite of mine). 😀 But we are IN and will be sending some books along shortly. Hello from Oklahoma!

  5. tcwells14

    I just mailed three books, and boosted the signal on my Facebook. If this really works out, get in touch with your local newspaper, because this is a very Good News story. I worked for the press for 30 years — this should qualify. Good luck!

  6. Rebecca

    We bought a house that came with 42 boxes of books. So literally hundreds of them. Many were never read but the gentleman who purchased them had an essentric numbering system in his head and often wrote his code (date/edition/??) on the front page. Would you still be interested in any of these? The collection is incredibly varied from all different genres and I hate to get rid of them but I have no need for this many books.

  7. Isabel Jordan

    Hey funny you should mention the little house series.. After reading your original post, my 11yo ran to her room and brought out the whole series asking if we could donate the books to the library. She loves that series!

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