Just. One. Book. Part 3

indian falls Indian Falls.

So my original post about the Just. One. Book. Library project hit 2K views on facebook. As I’m normally a literary writer that appears in tiny micropresses and alternative spaces, that was kind of scary. It’s probably why I left the birthplace of Los Angeles and the tech take over of San Francisco and headed up here in the first place.

Yes, we are a POOR county in the way northeastern corner of the state. We make nothing wage wise compared to the rest of the state. We are also beautiful. No matter how I’m feeling financially  and no matter how horrid the library is in its current state, I realize that we are also lucky.

IMG_7459 This is what my daughter and her friends did after school yesterday. Yup. Hung out at their favorite watering hole.

So while we do not have books in our school library that go beyond the date of 1991. With most having been purchased in the 1960s. And while we have had no librarian in 10 years and our children weren’t even allowed to check out the books we did have.

We do have this.



  1. Jonele Nash

    Can you/do you have a list that shows what you’ve already received so you don’t get a bunch of duplicates? Especially of popular titles?

  2. Michele

    With the new administrative support, will you get a librarian again? There are lots of them looking for jobs — and you have such a beautiful place to attract them!

  3. Lisa Baskin

    Your Amazon Want List is empty, will you update please with additional wants.
    Thank you for sharing the story of the library’s distress.
    I hope to send some books to support your library.

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