Just. One. Book. Part 4 THE WISH LIST

Hi Everyone wishing to donate. I thought you should see some of our sixth graders who are heading to 7th grade in the fall. This was ‘graduation’ day on Thursday held at the Greenville park on Hot Springs Road.

Okay I went around and asked for requests for what one would want to see in the library from teachers and community members around here. Many of you I have emailed back and forth with and I have an idea of some of the books that are coming by donation without a list. This is by no means exhaustive. Just a start. I know there are holes.

I have simple behind grade level books (6th grade) to freshmen college level.

This is just a preliminary list and most of the time I was thinking things like— oh I remember reading that or what did Green Apple books in SF say was good for teens? Etc. It’s not an end list; it’s a beginning one and not all teachers have weighed in yet.

I want to expand the science section in particular. I asked poets and writers about the poetry.

I will make a film section, but as film and poetry are my things I love, I get bogged in detail. Can only really do one at a time. Okay so here’s the list on Amazon you are welcome to refer people to it. And it’s under my husband’s name: Julian Wells.


Thank you so much for being part of this journey to recreate a library in our school.


  1. Mariana

    I’m waiting to see the film wish list. I loved films as a teen and as my personal tastes get kind of dark (Goodfellas, The Crow, Children of Men), I don’t want to send over a bunch of things that are kind of downers if that’s not what you’re looking for. Haha.

      1. Morgan Manning

        The newest Disney movie Zootopia just came out on DVD and it has really wonderful messages about accepting differences, overcoming prejudice, and chasing your dreams. Plus it’s very funny and clever and celebrates friendship & diversity. I think it’d be a great choice if you’re able to get it or add it to your list 🙂

      2. Mariana

        Yay! Those are by Martin Scorcese, Alex Proyas, and Alfonso Cuarón, respectively. Some of my favorite award-winning directors. ❤

  2. Jeanne St. Christian

    Just ordered a book from Amazon to be directly mailed to you. I also have a book at home that I was going to give to someone else, but will send to you instead. She won’t mind as she has a copy already and was going to give it to a student.

    What a great project! Hope you get that library filled up. I can’t begin to tell you how books got me through my teen years.

  3. Liz

    I’ve sent the first few Earthea books your way from the list, but accidentally sent two copies of book two! Feel free to keep both or return one! And best of luck!

  4. Bran

    I am getting ready to move and need to clear out some stuff. lol I’ll go visit the local thrift shop also.

    What about DVD and VHS? Would you be interested in drama, comedy etc?

    1. margaretelysiagarcia

      We don’t have a working VHS player. DVDs would be good. Books made into movies, artsy things, things they wouldnt have seen up in the mountains. For example I did a Silent Movie film class with the local sixth grade and no one had ever seen a silent film before. Then we made them with my ipad.

      1. Bran

        Cool cool. I will be sending a bunch of books and a few DVD’s as soon as I find some boxes.

        Any special instructions besides the two different addresses?

      2. margaretelysiagarcia

        That’s it. Everyone knows everyone in this town and word is out about the library so I’m sure at this point no box will be lost. Two addresses are because of the office closing while people are on vacation.

  5. Yvonne Valenzulea Portillo

    This is a fantastic way to build a library! I have several of the books on your wishlist and will be boxing some to send soon. I’m also a community college counselor / psychology professor. would some college-level books and readers be appropriate as well? They might work well for older students (junior/senior levels).

  6. iamspacegirl

    Do you have a copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare? I have 3, so would definitely be willing to part with a copy. I also have the first four books in the PC Cast series House of Night if you don’t already have them. I started looking at the wish list, but don’t have time just now to go through all the pages.

  7. hanfraser

    I have just read your story Just One Book parts 1-4 and am deeply moved. I am fortunate enough to be sitting in a wonderful public library in Australia studying for my university exams. I have recently donated a whole box of old books that my Dad was able to take to Tonga and they have now found a new home in a school there. I would love to do the same for you. After my exams, I will take some time to see what I can find and will send them on if possible.

  8. Heather Brodt

    I have some gently used sci-fi and fantasy (McCaffrey, Gaiman and Pratchett) if you are interested. I was also gifted with some discontinued books from one of our local high schools. I can and will send them if interested.

    If you don’t mind, I will also share this to the NaNoWriMo group. The writers there may be able to help too.

  9. Kathleen DeWees

    There is no list I can find — not here, not on Amazon, nowhere. Your post is going around but with a list, none of us know what books you want?

  10. mainecrimewriters

    I am very happy to share this with FB and writer friends, but when I follow the Amazon link, there is no book list there. I’m using the link that you provided, but now my friends are asking….can you provide a different link that does have books as well as a DVD player?

    I have a librarian brother and a teacher niece and we’re well situated to help, but we do need direction.

  11. Bonnie Levoy

    If you could get a VHS player I have many tapes I could send you. Lots of sci-fi , Disney etc
    If you would let me know I would be happy to send them.

  12. Doctor Science

    I have a complete or nearly-so set of the Scientific American Library, 80 or 90 volumes. Mostly published in the 90s. Excellent condition. Are you interested in the whole set?

    1. Doctor Science

      Replying again, in the hopes you see this again– are you interested in a complete set of the Scientific American Library?

  13. MaryAnn Doherty

    Has anyone sent books from Rick Riordon’s two series? Great books exploring Greek and Egyptian mythology. I’d be happy to send one or the other if you haven’t been gifted with them yet. Also have a brand new copy of Unbroken, if you don’t have that yet either.

  14. Roxanna Rose

    I lived in Red Bluff as a kid and I remember our tiny selection of books. I am a YA author. I have one book in print, two due out this year and two next year. If you tell me where to send it, I will gladly send a couple of copies and put the school on the list to receive a couple of copies of each new release (age group 14+). They have an ISBN and are registered with the Library of Congress.

  15. Karen Jones

    There seems to be nothing on the Amazon list right now. Are you going to update it or do you have some suggestions. I just saw this on Facebook today and since reading is near and dear to my heart, it was literally the only way I made it through school, I’d like to send some books or DVDs your way.

      1. kajo1950

        Your Amazon list is empty. I haven’t been a kid in a very long time and wouldn’t know where to begin finding interesting books for middle schoolers. Suggestions please.

  16. Anne B

    Sending a good chunk of the Bujold Vorkosigan series (from Amazon and my personal collection), as well as a bunch of the Honor Harrington books. Strong women FTW!

  17. Brigette Miller

    Thanks for updating the wish list! The Republic ordered – and I added Tad Williams, which I love dearly and think your students might too.

  18. Lori Krake Earl

    A friend sent me your first blog. I immediately popped a signed copy of our book into a padded envelope for your students, and it is on it’s way to your kids from Quincy, MA. Called This Star Won’t Go Out, it’s a NYTimes best seller–and FYI, this book of my daughter’s journals also won the Goodreads Memoir category in 2014. Please note it’s connection to John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars. Check out the dedication page and author notes in TFIOS 🙂 I hope some will read the book, and find inspiration ❤ –Lori Earl

  19. Ashley Spinella

    Hi! I have some junior-level university textbooks that might be appropriate for high school kids. Topics include sociology, political science, history, literature, social psychology, philosophy, logic. Also, I have some books on learning strategies, which I think every student should learn (I didn’t until I was in university, and I wish someone had explicitly taught me these skills when I was younger).

    Wondering what kind of access you have to computing resources. I have a ton of excellent programming books (many of which are free ebooks). I’ve also used a ton of free online resources to learn about programming and math that I would be happy to share. I wish I was exposed to programming and computer science when I was younger (and there are a lot of great resources out there), so I would love to be able to help kids access this stuff.

    Pls let me know if any of these are of interest to you.

  20. Beth

    I just winnowed my bookshelves and can send you a couple of boxes of gently used fiction in both hard and soft-cover. Historical, different cultures, fantasy and some popular stuff (like the Gregory Maguire retellings of childhood favorites.) Would these be helpful?

  21. Khalia

    Would you like a copy of The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama? Do you think your high school students would enjoy the book? It is 422 pages. Would a book of that size overwhelm your students?

      1. Khalia

        I am so delighted! I have ordered four more books to be sent to you. I will send The Street of a Thousand Blossoms from my neighborhood post office. This makes me feel good to know young minds will soak up these books.

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