Just. Two. Bookstores.

So at the request of many a person writing to us (THANK YOU), I set up an Amazon Wish List. But I met today with Dawn Gray at Books & Beyond in Chester, CA. Chester is about 20 -30 minutes away from Greenville, CA just beyond Lake Almanor. It’s the last town before you turn left onto highway 36 and begin the climb to Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park some 45 minutes away (yes, I know I’m a southern Californian at heart and express every distance in minutes).

Books & Beyond is where I do the bulk of my book buying when I’m in Plumas County.


Dawn said she was happy to be THE local bookstore for the Library Project. For locals and others wanting to support a local bookstore rather than the Amazon giant, you can call up the store or visit and order books from her. She’s giving a 20% discount on books for the Library Project.

Their information is below. Dawn is pretty hip to the YA scene and can give great recommendations. She often helps me out with such things. (I like to think I help her out with memoir and poetry).

Here’s their website:

Support local independent booksellers!

Thanks, Dawn!


  1. amanda

    I am getting people on facebook asking if you have looked at http://www.paperbackswap.com.
    Apparently you can put the older books on there and swap with others. Just shipping I think is needed to pay for. This may work for some of the books that are not good/too many and such.

  2. momfawn

    Lucky you to have an independent book store nearby. Our city of 127,000 has two used book stores and no independent book store that sells new books. Once upon a time we had three, but the recession did them in. So I am grateful for Amazon, even though I prefer shopping local. Thanks for letting us know about Books & Beyond. – Fawn

    1. margaretelysiagarcia

      They are wonderful to work with. I’ve taught writing workshops there—plus they carry books I’m in and they carry small presses. It’s about a 30 minute drive from us and I go up there once a week , so Dawn is holding orders for me there.

  3. Beth

    Amazing thing you’ve started here! I didn’t grasp the enormity of it until my daughter volunteered to help unpack and sort books. You people out there are truly wonderful. I loudly second buying books from Dawn! She has given my kids great recommendations
    and is a valuable resource to the community! Sorry for the exclamation points I’m just excited!

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