Library Project Ghazal

(forgive me in advance for butchering this form)

Library Project Ghazal

We need to tell you we’ve had a complaint about the library.

An anonymous caller says you’ve got feminism in your books.


Kids read books with feminism in them will ruin the morals of the valley.

Girls thinking too much of themselves because of what’s in the books.


The girl says, my mom won’t let me read anything in here. None of this is

appropriate reading material for our children. There are ideas in these books.


The boy says I don’t really read. Just not into it. Nobody’s story is ever

like mine. I haven’t read one of these things since the second grade. Books.


You can’t please hardly any of the people any of the time. It seems strange that

with the other media and short attention spans that we still think banning books.


Rural America needs words. Lots of words. Words that fight small despairs,

The late Friday night lights of doom. Diagnosis a life without books.


We built a library out of the kindness of strangers. Packages coming from around the world. As if the singular grand solution to all that is wrong could be books.


Care to add more lines for me?


  1. reynardo

    Not every teenage girl is slim, agile, fit and interested in becoming a cheerleader. Not every teenage girl cares about being pretty.

    Not every teenage boy thinks cars and football will attract the girls. Not every teenage boy *wants* to attract the girls.

    Not every kid is going to head out and find themselves an adventure. Not every kid is going to find themselves.

    The nerd girl. The boy who draws cartoons in the corner at lunchtime. The kid who knows they’re different but their parents don’t.

    If you can’t see yourself in the book, you don’t care about the book.

    If you do see yourself in the book, you want more. You can accept yourself. Then you can start accepting others.

    I needed to read about different-from-others to discover same-as-me. I wish the same for the new readers.

    Books hold a hall of mirrors, and one angle will show you what you are. Then next, what you were. The next .. do you dare? You might find out what you could be. Or might be. Or think you’ll be.

    Zenna Henderson said that to find out what happens, you have to turn the page.

    To do that, you need pages to turn.

    Give them pages.

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