Small Town Big March for Science

When you live in a county which is primarily national forest , where the government employs most of the people like ours you can expect that people might have something to say about budget cuts and anti-science agenda.

Despite this being opening day for Little League (and you know things done with balls always rule over things done in labs or with data in America) etc over 100 people showed up for Earth Day in Quincy. Not bad considering.

Also my mother who never goes anywhere was willing to come out and March. So yeah, Trumpazoid, you had my introvert Mexican American mom out on a Saturday morning when she’s usually home either cleaning like a fiend or sitting on the couch with a stack of books and two cats.

Here’s some photos from downtown Quincy. Also it was a reunion of sorts. All my favorite adjuncts who left the college I also left were out in full force–wow to think what a great school it could be! But seriously, what a lovely morning in the Sierras with scientists and their groupies. Here’s some photos.

Me!   Pettition table and great sign.

More fun signs! Facts! We are protesting in support of facts!  Dr. Linda Cayot who is one of the premiere scientists on the Galapagos happens to live in Quincy (she works for the Galapagos Conservancy. We always feel lucky to have her and she addressed the rally with a timeline of accomplishments in her life time made by American scientists.

 Timmy’s sign was my favorite.!

Marching up Main Street.  My mom!  And Anna Thompson (with her dogs whose signs say they are marching for veterinary science). Anna , along with Kyle Merriam, were the women who organized the event. Anna teaches biology courses up at the college. Thanks Anna!

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