Unsent letter to a TRUMP SUPPORTING mother in law

I understand that you still plan to vote for the fascist totalitarian Trump over centrist Joe Biden. I thought I would send you the Lincoln Project– an organization made up of conservatives –just like you–who recognize that voting for someone who wants to destroy America’s standing in the world, someone who is actively destroying the rights of brown/black/asian/native and LGBTQ Americans, someone deregulating to a point where the environment is destroyed is unacceptable. 

https://lincolnproject.us/video/imagine/ The video is from former RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

I do understand where you are coming from, as one of the founders of the Green Party of California, it is not easy for me to vote for the Democratic Party because in my mind they compromise on the environment (and many other things) far too much. But I rather vote to the center with them than let right wing extremism take over the country. It’s time for you too to come to center from the other direction.

The Republican party in 2020 is endorsed by both the KKK and the Taliban. It is an affront to the 11 years my family spent in the army that we let a traitor like Trump do nothing as Turkey/Saudi Arabia/and Russia slaughter our allies. 

I already implored that the current Republican party is the party of hatred. You like to think of yourself as a good person and a good person has no business aligning themselves with such hatred. And now as McConnell and Trump cheat another seat on the Supreme Court both my mother’s marriage along with many friends of mine are now in jeopardy because nice people like you are voting and voted for hatred of LGBTQ families.

I hear you think Joe Biden is a communist. I’m not sure which QAnon conspiracy theory /Fox News crack broadcast gave you that but that right there is so completely unfounded.

If I saw that in a paper and I was still an instructor,, I’d hand back the paper with an F for not sourcing accurate material. Biden is a centrist. He had friends on both sides of the aisle. He was known for compromising between parties to get legislation passed. Harris is as pragmatic as Biden with an immense background in law. Of all the people running–she above all would be the “law and order” person–not that corrupt garbage that we have in office now.

Look. I get it. It’s hard to let go of an identity. But a good person just can’t vote for Trump. Other Republicans are voting for the centrist Joe Biden. If they can do it, you can too.

I’m sure you are aware that my feelings on this issue are that voting for Trump is a vote to help destroy my family. I wrote to you once before about this. He okayed separating legally seeking asylum families at the border. Brown kids who look like my kids. My children have suffered dramatically under Trump. My kid was beaten up last year by a MAGA kid.

Kids screamed at her taunting ‘when was she going to be deported.’ Your vote was literally open season on harming my children. We live in Plumas National Forest and firefighters up here protected federal land while that bumbling idiot Trump said he’d refuse to pay them. My son was going to spend his first year out of high school traveling to Canada and Mexico and other countries but nowhere he wants to go will let him in now because we are so ass backwards with non-leadership in the COVID crisis.

I hope you are reconsidering your vote and that you are putting the country over selfish interests. I am putting the country first and voting Democrat even though I am a Green. I urge you to do the same. I will always be a Green–it’s been part of my identity since 1991, but pragmatism and human decency should come before all.

It is your right to vote for Trump–but it is also my right to hold Trump supporters accountable for their actions–to boycott their businesses, to not invite them to Thanksgiving. To not care about them sitting alone in their townhouses in the same way they didn’t care about brown kids in cages. There’s no need for me to ever associate with such bigotry and intentional willful ignorance again.

The choice is yours.

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