Just. One. Book. Saturday with List.

Good morning. One foot in front of the other! Throwing Chanclas has not put up a shoe lately. Here’s one of my favorites.

As I write this people all over town have their fire places going. I have to check the date. Yes it is JUNE. We never get rain and burr cold in June. So much for summer. I was planning to be indoors today anyhow as my partner in crime, Heidi Moore, is coming to Greenville so we can record an audio book of some of my new short stories from my yet to find a publisher collection Mary of the Chance Encounters. So yay! Fun! I hope my voice holds out. Heidi is an independent film director with her own micro-company in Chester called Wretched Productions.

Meanwhile down at the library my mother (who is the and I mean THE OCD neat freak Virgo will be meticulously recording the names of new books, notes from you guys, addresses for thank you cards, etc. We have our first big round of volunteers coming today to haul away stuff, etc.

The culinary arts teacher Judy Dolphin has given me her list. Amazon seems to be down right now in the list category but as soon as it’s up I’ll post it. I’ll put it on the end of this post as well. Judy also has the cheerleading squad coming in this coming week to take down the glory days trophies from the 1980s and dust for the first time in 30 years. We have someone working on buying new paint.

My husband the IT guy is donating some time to do some rewiring and reconfiguring of some of the computers on the side of the room. There’s 14 stations but only about 4 that are usable at the moment.

What’s making me happy at this moment, is it’s no longer one crazy mom flailing her arms and yelling, “hello we need to do something here!” It’s no longer me exclaiming, “Dude–what’s up with the three copies of the Stepford Wives in the seventh graders books?”  Now I can’t even go to the market without someone saying: “I heard about what’s happening with the library. This is exciting. How can I help?”

Yesterday I had two volunteers join me. I was feeling pretty bummed about my beloved MacBookAir taking a vacation too. The postman dropped off five giant bags of your boxes. We cleaned out four old bookcases. One of the ladies who volunteered had been on the board 12 years ago when they voted to nix the librarian position. She was the only one to vote against it. She was the mother of four boys who’d gone through the school and she kept shaking her head at how bad it had gotten in the library. That it had become “a storage closet for things people didn’t want” instead of a vibrant place. I learned so much from her yesterday.

Both principals came by too. The spirit of what we are trying to do is catching on! Other people want to work on this.

So I’m taking a bit of a day off.  I’m going to go drink some tea with honey so my voice can last through 10 stories. And I’m super confident my mom and her friends will make an amazing dent in your contributions.

THANK YOU! Here is the culinary teacher’s list:

The American Culinary Federation’s Guide to Culinary Competitions: Cooking to Win! (it would be great to have several copies or class set – 12)

Culinary Math Principles and Applications (this is another book that it would be great to have a class set – 12)

An American Chef’s Dream

Tastes and Tales of a Chef: A Culinary Journey with Mr. A

Tastes and Tales of a Chef: The Apprentice’s Journey

Tastes and Tales of a Chef: Stories and Recipes

Peeking Behind the Wallpaper

“A Woman’s Place Is in the Kitchen”: The Evolution of Women Chefs

The New Professional Chef

Locavore Adventures: One Chef’s Slow Food Journey

Outstanding in the Field: A Farm to Table Cookbook

The Farm to Table Cookbook: The Art of Eating Locally

It’s All about the Love: A Cookbook, a Memoir and the Balance Between Art and the Bottom Line. by Michele Camera Faurot Former Owner and Executive Chef of Cafe Michele.

Starting & Running a Restaurant for Dummies

On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

Mastering the Art of French Cooking

The Professional Chef

The New Professional Chef

Arzak Secrets

The Professional Chef’s Techniques of Healthy Cooking

The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adria’s Elbulli

The Making of a ChefIMG_6921


  1. Kay Gee

    Completely shallow thing to notice, but I love your fluevogs.

    Also, love that you are saving a library. I’m an English teacher and I can’t think of anything more satisfying than creating a book filled room that is enticing to young readers.

  2. Jenni with an i

    I am sending Alton Brown books (I’m Just Here for the Food Version 2.0, I’m Just Here for More Food, and Gear for Your Kitchen), King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion, and Mastering the Art of French Cooking 2001 anniversary edition.

  3. Margie Phelps

    Such an inspriring story. I was a school librarian for several years and had a small but adequate budget. My goal in purchasing new titles was to cover a broad range of subject material for our students. I am sending two books, both NY Times bestsellers :
    Isabel Allende’s ” Of Love and Shadows”. Isabel is Allende’s daughter; her father was deposed by the Pinochet regime. This is a fictional love/adventure story about political upheaval in a South American country. (1984)
    Katherine Boo’s ” Behind the Beautiful Forevers” (2014). Non-fiction about every day life, hope and survival in the slums of Mumbai.

  4. Kitty Bucholtz

    I’m also trying to find the Amazon Wish List name. I’m searching in Amazon and not finding anything that looks like the correct list. 🙂 Thanks!

    P.S. I may be meeting Jonathan Maberry next week. He’s an amazing YA author – lots of zombies in his books. Do you have his “Rot & Ruin” YA zombie series yet? It’s amazing!! Maybe I could get you one or more in that series if you want it? LOVE this project!!

  5. Wanda Hughes

    Loving what is happening with this project! I grew up poor and the library saved my life in so many ways and I love that you’re providing the same place for the young people in your community.

    I’d like to know what kinds of music, which artists, you’re looking for and which movies? Can I suggest that you put the Amazon wish list link, any other site link, and the current mailing address as a permanent part of each posting, perhaps at the bottom? It would sure help new readers to not have to search through the comments of past posts to find.

    Do you accept only hard-bound books? What about books that have already been in a library? I’m sure that many of us want to send books but can’t afford only new books.

    Thank you for all you’re doing for your community.

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