Just. One. Book. Curiosities.

Greetings. I THINK I’ve responded to all emails. There’s a chance I haven’t. There’s 30K words of my new book due to my writing group on Sunday so naturally I’m blogging with you all instead.

THANK YOU! You all are one generous bunch of mammals! You are from every English speaking country on the planet at this point. You care about books and young adults and care that no one who wants to read is left without books to read.

Many of you have posted suggestions that we are looking into. I’ve passed on your links, your grant suggestions, etc. to the people who can best deal with them. I am learning to delegate authority and put myself out of work. Yay!

Green Bay is lovely by the way. JUNE is a good month for Green Bay. Mild not too humid. And these people love craft beer and cheese with such abandon it’s rather fun to watch. Back in California I’m sure someone would have told me not to sample 20 kinds of cheese NOT so in Wisconsin. I digress.

Word has spread like summer fire and students are coming to the library in the summer to help out. We have a team of kids coming in Monday to help clean off the dust, pack up trophies from the glory days and scrub the grime from the room as well as knock out all the recycling.

Everyone rather be reading. I have a feeling this library will morph into one the parents and staff use as well.

Since I get so many repeat questions, I thought I’d reiterate here.

Yes we take used and paperback provide they look/feel newish.

Yes we are 7th-12th grade. Not collecting in particular for younger grades.

There are a few books we have multiple copies of which will be great for class sets: Book Thief, House on Mango Street, and Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Ya’ll LOVE those books.

Yes we have a donation plan coming into place for sharing duplicates with other area libraries.

Address wise—the school building will be closed for vacation July 1-15. Please send books to  PO Box 585 Greenville, CA 95947 during this time. If you need a street address email me.

Thank you!


  1. JCMorrows

    My dear friend Amy Brock McNew shared your original post with all of us fellow YA authors – and you are certainly going to have a dozen or more boxes coming your way just from that. I know my publisher sent you my YA series (well, the ones that are released so far) and I think maybe one or two other titles. They publish a lot of YA and Middle Grade.

    I just want to say THANK YOU and WOW!

    In this digital-obsessed world, it is so very refreshing to see someone going all-out to encourage kids to read! Bless you!

  2. catrinaburgess

    In April I went to Romantic Times Convention which has a big YA section now. As part of the conference I went to a big YA and New Adult book signing and snagged a bunch of 2105/2016 books for my nieces. I thought you might need some suggestions for your amazon list so I went through and listed all the titles and amazon links for them. Just sent you the email. There are 17 books I listed but some of them are series. Thought it might help since I know you are putting up books as on the Amazon list and people are buying them as fast as you can put them up. 😉 Having a lot of fun following the blog and watching all the books come in! 😉 over and off to find coffee, Catrina Burgess.

  3. rads

    Would you still need more books? Your older post frpm June 7th is still making its rounds on twitter 🙂
    Could you let me know what the current status is and I can send that update out?


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