Just. One. Nation.

Have you read this yet? Teachers in North Carolina arrested for protesting. What were they protesting?

The lack of books. The lack of a school nurse. The lack of basics.

I’ve been telling you the story of Greenville, CA but it’s also the story of North Carolina. It’s the story everywhere in the United States where we allow basic education to wither.  You can read more about the North Carolina school struggle

I’m sure you remember North Carolina from earlier this spring when their legislators seemed to have time and energy to fixated on restrooms in public schools. Maybe we can get them to fixated on other issues instead.

As of right now–we’ve logged in 4000 books. We have enough to start our library a new. Our Amazon wish list has been depleted and we are going to put in a chunk of time next week with 10 volunteers to unload boxes, catalog, see what more we need, etc. I won’t be putting up a new Amazon list right now.

I think North Carolina’s teachers and students might need us too. I have a hunch it’s an issue everywhere.  But anyhow. I ask for nothing for us today. I thank you for your generosity. I will be posting updates as soon as I get back to Northern California. But I think now might be time to think of the other NC.

Peace to you and happy reading.



  1. catrinaburgess

    You wrote a powerful piece with your first just one book blog. A piece that went viral and brought 4,000 books to your library which was in need. Just a suggestion but maybe you should start a section on your blog called just one book where you connect with another library in need and profile them. Take those book lovers you have connected with and give them a new direction where they can send in books and help out. Post updates and pics of the libraries progress as the books come in. I know for me the fun has been checking back each day and seeing the pics of all the packages coming in and hearing updates on how it’s going. When that library has the books it needs, find another in need and profile it. Just one book blog could help fill another library in need and then another. Just an idea. I know you only have 6 jobs. Just what you need another one.. 😉 I follow humans of new York Facebook page. I love checking in and reading about the people he profiles. And it’s amazing how sometimes he will shout out with a cause and his readers will answer and make a difference in someone’s life. You have done that kind of thing here with this project. 😉

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